Content Writer

A sensible and passionate writer who gets excited every time when Apple, Google, and Tesla releases new updates and has enough experience handling Twitter and Facebook handles.

The following qualities will help you to become an Awsmite.

  • Excellent writing skills 
  • Undying love and passion for all things technical
  • Experience in working with the development team to know about the product functionalities and features.
  • Experience in developing documents like user manuals, online help, guidelines for our various products.
  • Experience in creating content for any kind of technology.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the tech industry.
  • Create blog posts about new happenings in the tech industry. 

Why Awsm Innovations

We have crafted our own culture and traditions in the past decade and the highlights are:

  • International client exposure ✈️
  • Best employee benefits in the industry 👑
  • Performance appraisal twice a year 💵
  • Availability of remote work option  🏖
  • Full stacked pantry 🍪
  • Absence of leave restraints 🤝
  • Coffee-sessions instead of team meetings ☕️
  • No micro-management ✌️
  • Frequent outings and pizza parties 🍕🍾

So if you are looking for a fairyland to spread your wings without being stifled by the constraints of the usual corporate culture look no further. We are happy to welcome you to our family. 🤗

Job Location: Thiruvananthapuram
Sorry! This job is expired.