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Author: Aravind Ajith

Aravind Ajith Tue Jun 27 2017

WordCamp Mumbai! + The Ajanta-Ellora Visit

After visiting the epic WordCamp Kochi we have taken an oath to attend as much as WordCamps as possible, whether in South India, North India or anywhere across the globe. The next one was WordCamp Mumbai – the biggest WordCamp in India. It was our natural choice and we did not think twice prior to […]

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How Secure Is WordPress?

WordPress is without question the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the market today. 63.1%  of all CMS based websites are hosted on WordPress (source), with the next CMS based competitor Joomla hosting only 2.8% of the population (source). Of the top ten million websites (made on any platform) online today, 27.9% are created […]

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