Developing our own products helped us to fine-tune our development skills and become a more customer-oriented team. Check out a few of our products available in the market. Adding more of them soon.

Wordpress Plugin

Embed Any Document

Embed Any WordPress is a WordPress plugin that lets you embed your documents easily in your WordPress website. With just one click you can easily embed your Google Docs files and documents hosted in DropBox & to your WordPress website.

Wordpress Plugin

Dropbox Plugin for WordPress

Dropr lets you access files from your Dropbox account and help you to add them straight to your WordPress website. Securely and safely. You can access your Dropbox files from the WordPress text editor screen, then drop files into your content as you please without ever having to upload them to WordPress.

Wordpress Plugin

Google Drive Plugin

Drivr helps you to add files from your Google Drive to your WordPress site quickly and seamlessly. Drivr uses Google Drive Picker API to let users interact with their Google Drive Account.

Wordpress Plugin

The Team Layout Plugin

AWSM Team Pro is the most versatile WordPress plugin available to create and manage your Team pagethat comes with 8 cool presets and a number of style options.

Wordpress Plugin

WP Job Openings

WP Job Opening is a super simple Job Listing plugin to manage Job Openings and Applicants on your WordPress site. We just picked the best features out of the all and built a plugin that’s super simple to use and extendible to a high performing recruitment tool.


Timeline Framework

‘AWSM Timeline’ is a pack of super cool and interactive timeline layouts for your website. It is rather a basic framework which you can use to build your own style of timeline layouts by making some basic CSS changes.