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Aravind Ajith Sat May 08 2021

Headless WordPress Case Study: Building Forbes Africa Website with Frontity

We are excited to share with you the details of our latest project – Forbes Africa. The Africa franchise of Forbes.com run by ABN Publishing (Pty) Limited, South Africa approached us to redesign and develop the website using Frontity after noticing our contributions to Frontity and our own website (Read the case study).  Their existing […]

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Awsm’s Year in Review – 2020

2020 may probably go down in history as the year that should never have been. The pandemic sure threw a spanner onto our plans and forced us to skip many traditions like the Annual Family Outing. But even amidst all this darkness, we managed to find our own awesome ways of dealing and coming on […]

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Bidding Goodbye to Drivr Plugin

Goodbyes are always difficult. Especially so when it comes to a plugin where hundreds of users are likely to be affected by such a situation. But if the consequences are minimal, then maybe it’s time to finally move on. Drivr – Google Drive Plugin Drivr helps you to access docs and files from Google Drive […]

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Joining the Birthday Party of WordPress!

Today WordPress turns sassy Seventeen! It is no longer the juvenile blogging tool but has grown to be the power that backs up more than 36% of the web. This staggering growth is mainly due to the contributions from the devoted WordPress community spanning all over the globe and numbering millions.  On this glorious occasion, […]

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