‘Auto-Delete Applications’ – free add-on for WP Job Openings Plugin launched

We are excited to announce the launch of a new plugin – Auto Delete Applications. It is an Add-On plugin to our most popular WP Job Openings Plugin.

The Auto Delete Application will essentially integrate an option in WP Job Openings that enables automatic removal of job applications after a certain period. i.e, it helps to delete applications and the file uploads periodically that will help companies to comply with the privacy laws.

How does it work?

You have to install the add-on like any other plugin. Once activated, the option that enables auto delete applications will be available in the WP Job Openings plugin’s general settings page. From the setting, you will have the option to select the time period for keeping the applications. 

For example, if you configure the option for 6 months, all the applications (or personally identifying data) you have received before six months will be deleted immediately and every application that completes six months will be automatically deleted from the next day onwards. 

However, you should be very cautious. Choosing this option will permanently delete the job applications after the selected time period from the date of application. You will not be able to get the data back unless you have a recent backup of the website. 

Why does it matter?

The addon will help website admins to occasionally clear the unwanted data piling up in the website and also, to adhere with the GDPR restrictions. 

Under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), data controllers and processors are obliged to return or delete all personal data after the end of services, or on expiry of a contract or agreement, unless it’s necessary to retain the data by law. The law includes the Right to Erasure (also known as ‘Right to be Forgotten’) whereby individuals can demand that their data be deleted if it’s no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected, or there is no ‘compelling’ reason for its continued processing. 

Why is it an Add-on?

Auto deletion is not a feature everyone wants. And also, like everyone else, we also hate accidents. As we mentioned earlier, the ‘Auto Delete’ option is a cautious feature to deal with. Adding this option by default on the plugin would cause confusion to at least some of our users and misconfiguring it might lead to losing data. 

We wanted to make sure adding this option to the site is an informed decision made by users who want to use it, with full realisation of the risk behind it. 

This is another free and open-source plugin from the house and as always, please feel free to use it, distribute it and share about it. Please let us know your thoughts and feedback about the plugin. 

For any technical support please reach out to us on our Support Portal. 🙂

Download Auto Delete Applications Add-on