Joining the Birthday Party of WordPress!

Today WordPress turns sassy Seventeen! It is no longer the juvenile blogging tool but has grown to be the power that backs up more than 36% of the web. This staggering growth is mainly due to the contributions from the devoted WordPress community spanning all over the globe and numbering millions. 

On this glorious occasion, we welcome you to join us in becoming a part of the WordPress community and also to contribute to its future. The survival of WordPress as open-source software is in the best interest of the tech world. Join us to take the “Five for the Future” pledge to promise your share. 

Get Involved with WordPress in 18 different areas. We are actively involved in Core, Polyglots, Plugins, Community and Support teams. Believe us when we say we have been living off WordPress literally for the past ten years and we have repaid by dedicating six plugins to the community. 

Our contributions to WordPress

We have 4 core contributors to our team.Adhun Anand (Tipton in 2017), Anantajit J G (Betty, Kirk and Adderley in 2019& 2020), Sarath A R(Kirk in 2019), and Aravind Ajith (Kirk and Adderley in 2019 & 2020).

We sponsoredthe First South Indian WordCamp in Kochi in 2017 and again in 2018 and 2019. Aravind also co-organized Kochi WordCamp 2018.

We actively contribute to WordPress foundation too and make things active in our Trivandrum meetup group

Why contribute to WordPress?

Based on our long relationship with WordPress we will point out some of the benefits of contributing to WordPress. 

  • Make a name for yourself in the WordPress community. You may be noticed by organizations or recruiters. So it is just a money-less self-promotion technique.
  • A chance to work with the WordPress greats that are active in one forum or the other and imbibe their culture. 
  • Generate more business. The “Contributor” label lends you credibility in the WP community, assisting you to get more work projects. And if you are a recruiter, you get a chance to identify, recruit, and develop new talent.
  • A chance to become part of the WordPress growth saga and stay up-to-date about the developments of the WordPress platform. 

A win-win situation for all parties!

Our passion for all things WordPress is as strong as ever and we assure you that you too will find it wonderful. So what are you waiting for? Join the party and make a world of difference!