Awsm Innovations’ First Meetup of 2024 in Thekkady and Al Seef Dubai

As the sun peeked through the lush green foliage on 15th March 2024, the Awsm Innovations team embarked on an unforgettable journey—the first meetup of the year. Our destination this time was Thekkady, a slice of paradise nestled in Kerala’s Western Ghats.

Greenwoods Resort

The venue for our meetup was Greenwoods Resort, a tranquil hotel nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Thekkady offering the perfect blend of comfort and serenity. They welcomed us with Aarti tikka and cardamom garlands. 

Toasting Achievements, Sharing Knowledge and Strengthening Bonds

The meetup commenced with us looking back on our achievements and hashing out plans for the coming quarter. For the first time, we had some technical sessions ranging from Automation Testing with AI to Executing Project Tasks. Knowledge sharing and keeping up with the latest tech trends have always been the norm for us.

No meetup is complete without celebrations, and we took a moment to celebrate achievements and milestones within our team. We cut a delicious cake to mark our achievements. We also surprised our regular WordPress contributors with amazing gifts. Nithin John, Nithin Sreeraj, and Vivek J K have been Core contributors for the past three WordPress releases.  

Our Chai and Charcha game winners received well-deserved prizes. We also honored our colleagues with workiversary certificates, recognizing their dedication and contributions to Awsm Innovations.

In a fun twist, we challenged each other to a plank exercise. We had a great time challenging, supporting and encouraging one another. Finally, Aravind Ajith won the contest. 

We were then off to the pool and as the sun dipped below the horizon, we gathered around the crackling campfire under the starry sky. Campfire nights have become a cherished tradition, fostering camaraderie and building a sense of belonging among team members.

Exploring Grapes Farm, Cumbum 

The next day, we embarked on a unique excursion to MSR Grapes Garden at Kumbum. We were greeted by rows of lush grapevines laden with ripe, juicy fruit. Sampling the grapes picked straight from the vine and drinking the freshly squeezed grape juice were heavenly experiences.

UAE Branch Adventures

Meanwhile, our colleagues from the UAE embarked on their own adventure at Al Seef Dubai, a captivating waterfront promenade along Dubai Creek. They experienced a blend of traditional Emirati architecture and modern amenities, creating cherished memories of their own.

Our first meetup of the year has set the tone for a year filled with collaboration, innovation, and success. Here’s to many more memorable adventures ahead as we continue to thrive as a team at Awsm Innovations.