Onam Meetup 2023: Celebrating Traditions and Togetherness

Nothing beats sharing special moments with your loved ones and nothing is more special to us Malayalis than our national festival Onam. It holds a deep cultural and emotional significance for everyone. Last week we got together with our families to celebrate Onam in person. The joy of finally meeting face-to-face, sharing laughter, and experiencing the festival’s traditions in each other’s company was an unforgettable experience that underscored the value of togetherness.

Celebrating Onam together after 3 years

After 2019, we didn’t get a chance to celebrate Onam as a team. Even after starting the meetups and getting together every quarter, we somehow missed coming together for Onam. But this year, we weren’t letting anything stand in the way of rekindling the magic of an in-person Onam celebration and we did just that last week.

We got together with our families at the enchanting Aadisaktthi Ayurveda Village Resort in Trivandrum to celebrate Onam in all its traditional glory. There was excitement in the air as we met some of our teammates’ spouses and kids for the first time in person. 

After the initial nerves were out of the way, we were soon chattering like old friends. Our CEO Aravind Ajith welcomed us as usual and then we turned our attention to the serious business of creating a stunning Athapookkalam. We swapped stories and caught up with each other as we designed and arranged the flowers and kept an eye on the tiny ones rushing about. 

After successfully bringing to life our perfect pookkalam and a photo session, we soon moved to the highlight of the day – the mouthwatering traditional Kerala Sadya. The heart of any Onam celebration lies in its feast, and ours was no different. Gathering around a table laden with a variety of traditional dishes, we indulged in a sumptuous Sadya. The flavors transported us back to our roots, and the laughter and chatter that filled the air were a testament to the joy of being together once again.

Some games and giggles

After the sadya, it was time for some light-hearted competition and laughter. We engaged in a series of traditional games that brought out the competitive spirit in all of us. We played Sundariku oru pottukuthal, musical chair and lemon & spoon race. It was as if time had stood still, and we were transported back to the old days of laughter and camaraderie. 

The winners got amazing prizes and we then retreated to the pool. The soothing water and the shared stories created an atmosphere of intimacy and trust, qualities that have been nurtured over our years of remote collaboration.

UAE joins the fun 

Like the previous times, our UAE teammates got together with their families and celebrated Onam. They had a great time visiting Dubai Hindu Temple and Ibn Battuta Mall. From Dubai to Trivandrum, the spirit of Onam knew no bounds and we have become experts in coordinating celebrations across oceans!

This meetup was more than just an event; it was a reaffirmation of our bonds, a testament to our growth, and a promise of the future that we will continue to build together. The laughter, the flavors, the camaraderie—all of it encapsulated the spirit of Onam and the essence of our remote team, proving that distance can never truly separate us.