Meetup Aug’22: We made memories and moments that will always stay close to our hearts

Life’s all about finding the right balance of everything. Being happy, having fun, sharing smiles, and spreading joy. That is exactly what we did a few days back. Yes, we met again and made memories that will last forever. Even though we are separated by distance, it is never a hurdle for us when it is time to come together.

The date, time, and location were fixed. We met on Aug 26, 2022, at Fragrant Nature Paravur. Like the last time, there was no element of nervousness, all of us felt right at home from the start. 

Firstly, we discussed the roadmap for the future. We have decided to start activities to enable us to go fully remote. Team expansion is also in the cards. Then it was time to open the door for fun and laughter fully. We started off by distributing the prizes for our weekly challenge winners. The first prize was grabbed by our Codeboss Adhun Anand, the second prize by our frontend lead Sarath AR, and the third prize by our Senior WordPress developer Vinuraj. The current winners can expect even more stiff competition from the rest of the team once the next round of weekly challenges starts.

We had a quick photo and games session and then headed off for a relaxing boat ride across Paravur lake. In the evening we surprised our two teammates whose birthdays were coming up. We celebrated Sarath’s and Jeffrey’s birthdays. We signed off for the night after dinner and little did we know what was waiting for us the next day.

On the next day, all of us were up early, as we had two outdoor activities planned – Kayaking and boating through the mangrove forest. Some decided to take the adventurous route while others played it safe. The rest chose to enjoy and soak in the view at a comfortable pace. What we didn’t expect were the rain and the chilling winds. But the heavy downpour and the chilling winds made the kayaking and boating experience even better.  We were drenched but it was worth it.

After bidding farewell to our place to stay, we visited Varkala cliff and headed off to have lunch where we said our goodbyes and started our journey back home. We had lots of fun these two days, memories that will always remain close to our hearts forever. We are looking forward to many more exciting projects, laughter, and fun.