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Author: Nithin Sreeraj

Nithin Sreeraj Tue Dec 26 2023

A Bit of Everything-  Ending the Year on a High Note at the Queen of Hills

As we inched closer to the date, the feeling was back for all of us- the excitement, joy, and happiness of seeing familiar faces after a while. There were hurdles at the start that dampened our spirits and almost robbed us of this feeling, but in the end, we met. This time, we headed to […]

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The Grand Goa AWSM Meetup

As time passes, we realize the little things in life matter the most. Reminiscing about the good times we had, the times when all of us were genuinely alive and carefree, times when we tried something new, and moments when we were surrounded by people that made us laugh and smile from ear to ear. […]

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We finally met, after two years!

The AWSM family welcomed several new members after March 2020, but we never got a chance to meet outside the digital world. It was high time that we all met to celebrate our achievements, to have an opportunity to know each other, and not limit ourselves to the daily online meetings.  After many planning sessions, […]

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