We finally met, after two years!

The AWSM family welcomed several new members after March 2020, but we never got a chance to meet outside the digital world. It was high time that we all met to celebrate our achievements, to have an opportunity to know each other, and not limit ourselves to the daily online meetings. 

After many planning sessions, we finally met on May 27, 2022, after two long years. Quite by chance, the date was special for us as it marked the 19th birthday of WordPress and the 2nd anniversary of our WordPress Resources blog WP-CONTENT.CO!

All of us from different places started our journey to meet the team, “in-person” and spend time together for two days.We all met at Uday Samudra Kovalam. 

As everyone expected, there was an element of nervousness in the atmosphere. All of us felt like children on the first day of school, meeting new faces and sharing smiles from a distance. But just like a flower blooming, with the passage of time all of us felt right at home. The nervousness soon vanished giving way to joy and laughter. 

We discussed our roadmap for the future, cut cakes celebrating the day, and made plans to meet again soon. We all got to know each other, played games, took innumerable photos, and had a great time in the sea and on the beach. We had lots of fun and can’t wait for the next meet-up!