Year in Review 2022

It’s time to welcome 2023 and take a trip down memory lane of 2022 to celebrate our achievements and milestones. We became pros in remote working without sacrificing the joys of regular team interaction. 2022 was a memorable year for us in many ways. 

We turned 6

Born in 2010 as Fidiz Solutions, we have completed 6 years as Awsm Innovations. In six years, we have made a mark in the WordPress world.  Fidiz was founded due to our love for WordPress and we still have the same enthusiasm and love for it after all these years.

Bigger team 

With 21 Awsmites, we are stronger and bigger now. 6 brilliant people joined us this year. A bigger team has resulted in us taking on more projects and having a great time at our get-togethers.

Our products

2022 saw our Product Team making some impressive achievements. We got 100 five-star reviews for our WP Job Openings plugin! Not bad for a plugin that has a niche market. We also released a new addon for the plugin this year – User Access Control. It allows you to manage the capabilities of users managing the recruitment using WP Job Openings.

 New projects

Like in previous years, this year too, we had some challenging projects. Some of our memorable works include LeadershipRadius, Tyon, NeoITO, Optiver, Kaderspecialist, Hunter Valley Operations, NeoMarketo, CareRevenue, ShoutMeLoud, Rally Padel Club, Festivals From India, Jaybe, KWG Australia, Graphite Square and Oracle Healthcare

We should also mention the excellent support we received from our clients. It is a great honour to be the IT partner of such wonderful clients. We are sure our association will flourish. 

We have made a place among the top WordPress blogs. We also revamped the website. Our Newsletter is also a hit among the community and we recently published Newsletter #100. We are always ready to share our WordPress knowledge with our readers and introduce them to the latest WP products. 

The year of beaches

With the reduction in Covid restrictions, we had three get-togethers that we enjoyed to the hilt. And somehow, we ended up having all the meetups in places with beaches! We met after 2 years in Uday Samudra Kovalam. After years of meeting the team via zoom, it was wonderful to finally see them in person! The second one at Fragrant Nature Paravur brought the team closer together and by the 3rd Grand Goa meetup, we were practically family. The long train journey too helped us gel together fast.

Giving back

We always were diligent about doing our bit to maintain WordPress as an Opensource. 2022 was amazing as we got international recognition for the work we were doing. We had 6 Core contributors in WordPress 6.1 (Misha). You can understand the significance when considering GoDaddy had the same number of contributors. Now we have 9 core contributor badges in our small team. 

2023 plans

We are all set for a smashing 2023. Our plugin users can expect some more amazing features along with new addons that will make their lives easier. We have also booked the tickets for WordCamp Asia to be held in Thailand. We will also be continuing the new tradition of regular meetups every quarter. 

In short we had a great 2022 and is looking forward to a better 2023.