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Vinuraj Varma Sat Jul 04 2020

A case study on Frontity Framework: Our new WordPress website scored a perfect 100 in speed tests out-of-the-box!

The Beginning The other day, in one of our usual coffee sessions with the whole Awsm team (yes we had those in the pre-COVID era), the topic of revamping our company website – awsm.in came up. The idea took root and to beat the COVID blues we decided to try out something new and experimental […]

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Joining the Birthday Party of WordPress!

Today WordPress turns sassy Seventeen! It is no longer the juvenile blogging tool but has grown to be the power that backs up more than 36% of the web. This staggering growth is mainly due to the contributions from the devoted WordPress community spanning all over the globe and numbering millions.  On this glorious occasion, […]

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How Secure Is WordPress?

WordPress is without question the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the market today. 63.1%  of all CMS based websites are hosted on WordPress (source), with the next CMS based competitor Joomla hosting only 2.8% of the population (source). Of the top ten million websites (made on any platform) online today, 27.9% are created […]

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